Consulting & technical assistance

Fuzion’s specialists can review your installation and advise you on how to optimise your solution according to your needs.

Fuzion offers flexible solutions for your specific needs. Below you can read about Consulting & Technical Assistance.

Modern data centres offer a high level of security against power, cooling and network failures. However, it also requires that you know your data centre and the options it offers and thereby optimise your infrastructure accordingly. For example:

  • Is all equipment properly fitted with power supplies?
  • Have you secured the alternative of cabling in the data centre and on to the network and internet?
  • How do you ensure you do not use more power than the fuses and PDUs allow?
  • Is single-supply equipment ensured power if the A or B supply is taken into service?
  • Do you have access cards and users under control?

Fuzion’s specialists can review your installation and advise on how your solution can be optimized according to your wishes.

Fuzion also offers installation and changes to your solution. We can carry out tasks according to your instructions – we call that Hands & Eyes”. We can also design and implement modernization and upgrade projects on your data center installation in collaboration with you.

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A high level of professionalism is evident at Fuzion. I trust that everything works, and when mistakes are made, they are corrected quickly and professionally. At Team.Blue, we are very flexible towards our customers and expect Fuzion to be likewise. So far, it works flawlessly.

Mark Villadsen

Senior Network Architect, Team.Blue



The location of the Fuzion data centre is optimal for us, but the data centre infrastructure is just as important - it gives us access to everything we need. And if we need help in the data centre, a technician is always available to help.

Thomas Gustafsson

Owner, IP Nord



Fuzion's staff are extremely flexible with a wide skill set. There is a great willingness to find solutions to more complex problems, and tasks are always followed through to the end. In short, switching to Fuzion has been the perfect match for us.

Max Schläger Nielsen

Partner & CTO, Serverforce

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Whatever the size of your business, we can offer a colocation setup that matches your needs.

Included in all our solutions are:
Own power supply
A and B supply
Generator backup on UPS and local power supply
Fire extinguishing system
Surveillance and access control
Possibility to scale up and down
Access to technical support

1/4 racks

10 units

1/2 racks

22 units

1/1 racks

46 units



* The size of the racks and number of units are based on our data centre in Skanderborg.

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